What is the Ner Tamid Society?

The prestigious Ner Tamid Society honors donors who have agreed to contribute a minimum of $100,000 to the B’nai Torah Foundation. This can be done through a gift or through a charitable trust, life insurance policy, will, IRA or pension. Donors are acknowledged on the Ner Tamid recognition wall located in the front lobby of the Synagogue. Create a Jewish Legacy through our Ner Tamid Society and perpetuate Jewish life from Generation to Generation.

Click here for the Ner Tamid Legacy Confidential Form.

Cynthia & Dr. Richard Aronsohn

Esther* & Milton* Blank

Alisa & Dr. Richard Cohen

Ellen & Edward Cohen

Jane & Alan Cornell

Tammy & Dr. Jack Faintuch

Barbara & Dr. Jeffrey Feingold

Miriam* & Henry* Fistel

Shulamith Fleischer & Robert Schattner

Marleen & Harold* Forkas

Shirlee* & Daniel* Freed

Isadore* Friedman

Meryl & Ron Gallatin

Nancy & Mark Gilbert

Mark W. Glickman

Phyllis & Gerald* Golden

Susan*, Howard, & Mallory


Suzanne & David Goodis

Dorothy* & Milton* Gordon

Linda* & Alan Hurst

Anne & Norman Jacobson

Naomi Jacobson

Carolyn & Robert Kantor & Family

Pam & Dr. Ethan Kass

Phyllis & Samuel Kauffman

Sue & Myron* Kirshner

Anita* & Paul* Kivell

Gillian & Eric Klein

Debra & Gerald Kramer

Donna & Gerald Kramer

Doris B. & Saul* Kuperstock

April & Roger Leavy

Anne* & Fred* Levi

Toby & Norman Levi

Courtney & Dr. Scott Levin

Nauma Levin

Mildred* & Abner* Levine

Rabbi Marc* N. Liebhaber

Alissa & Dr. Jay Maizes

Sam* Mandelker

Gay & Morris* Mandon

Beatrice Cummings Mayer

Maruka & Bernard* Mirochnick

Millicent & Sigmund* Nathan

Michael Ostroff & Family

Sarah & Richard Parker & Family

Marilyn & Jack Pechter

Miriam & Zwi* Preminger

Hiromi & Robert Printz

Madeleine & Norman* Reich

Barbara & Jeffrey Rosenberg

The Sandelman Family

Carie & Spencer Sax

Mildred & Sol* Schaikowitz

Elissa & Dr. Peter Schosheim

Carol & Murray Shear

Claire & Allan Sheres

Ruth & Edward* Taubman

Eda & Cliff Viner

Beate* & Henry* Voremberg

Debra & Howard Wander

Hedy & Dr. Bryan Wasserman

Eleanor* & Paul* Weiner

Pamela & Robert Weinroth

Amy & Fred Weiss

Gabriela & Walter* Weiss


* Of Blessed Memory