Application for Reduced Dues and/or Religious School Tuition


We wish to make Synagogue services available to all Jews who earnestly want them and, at the same time, to best allocate the Synagogue’s finite resources.
We assume that:

  1. Synagogue membership and Jewish Education are very high priorities in a Jewish person’s life
  2. Members are willing to make personal sacrifices to achieve these priorities
  3. Members are willing to volunteer time to our synagogue and to other Jews in need.


This form must be returned to the Synagogue with a signed copy of your most recent federal income tax return and a current financial statement (form attached). Incomplete applications will be returned. Any balance due on your Synagogue account must be paid in order for your application to be processed. Financial arrangements are valid for one year, commencing on the Synagogue’s fiscal year which begins July 1st. If a reduction of fees is granted you will be notified by mail. Additional information may be required in order to process your request.

Please complete all the information requested below. (Questions that do not apply to your family should be answered N/A)
Incomplete applications will delay the review process.