What is the B’nai Torah Foundation (the “Foundation”)?

The purpose of the Foundation is to support B’nai Torah Congregation of Boca Raton, Inc. The B’nai Torah Foundation was established on August 12, 1991, as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donor contributions are tax-deductible in the manner and to the extent provided in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Who Manages the B’nai Torah Foundation?

The President of B’nai Torah Congregation appoints a President and a Board of Directors annually to manage the affairs of the Foundation. There are not less than three or more than ten Foundation Board Members, plus the Immediate Past President of the Foundation. Board tenure is either one or two years. The President of the Foundation sits on the Board of B’nai Torah Congregation.

What are B’nai Torah Foundation Endowment Funds and what are their assets?

The Foundation includes different Endowment Funds that have been established by past and present members of our congregation. Income from these Endowment Funds is used to finance scholarships and operating expenses of our Synagogue. The Foundation serves as the investment vehicle for all of the individual B’nai Torah Foundation Endowment Funds.

Where are the assets of the B’nai Torah Foundation held? How is money handled when donations are received for the B’nai Torah Foundation Endowment Funds?

Foundation investments are held in two places. Holdings of State of Israel Bonds are held in book-entry with the Bank of New York. Non-invested cash and mutual funds are held at the investment firm of D.B. Alex Brown in Baltimore, MD. Invested funds are held at the custodians of the mutual funds in which they are invested.

What are B’nai Torah Foundation Endowment Funds?

Each year, 5% of the B’nai Torah Foundation Fund balance is used to fund the program or service for which the fund was established.


General Fund
Rabbi Steinhardt’s Discretionary Fund
Rabbi Englander’s Discretionary Fund
Cantor’s Programming Fund
Yahrzeit/Yizkor Fund
Joy & Gene Binkovitz B’nai Torah University
Esther & Milton Blank Choir Fund
Alisa & Richard Cohen Confirmation Class Fund
Lillian, Philip, and Gerry Cooperman Adult Education Fund
Dr. Henry & Sonja Faintuch Senior Programming
Lowell & Harriet Glazer Hebrew Education Fund
George Goldstein B’nai Mitzvah Fund
George Goldstein Chumash (Prayerbook) Fund
Dorothy & Milton Gordon Youth Fund
Anne & Norman Jacobson Chesed Fund
L.F. Kaplan Family Art Program Fund

Melvin Klein Ritual Wine and Liquor Fund
Kuperstock Children Education Fund
Mildred & Abner Levine Flower Fund
Sam Mandelker College Connection Fund
Diane Marcovitz Adult Education Fund
Beatrice Cummings Mayer Pastoral Care Fund
Mirochnick Religious School Fund
Millicent & Sigmund Nathan Library Fund
Olsher Family Affective Education Fund
Dr. Henry S. & Erna Rubinstein Holocaust Fund
Sari Singer Holocaust Survivor Fund
Ruth & Edward Taubman Early Childhood Center
Eda & Cliff Viner Family Endowment Fund
Dr. Burton Wollowick Torah Reading Fund
Allen & Jewel Prince Early Childhood Fund


Bill Forster Fund for Youth Activities
Mager-Cohan MOL/Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund
Oxler-Farber Fund for Camp Ramah Scholarships
Dr. Arnold & Pearl Schosheim Fund
Eleanor & Paul Weiner Distinguished Service Award

Weiner/Rosenberg MOL/HS in Israel Scholarships
Weinroth-Smolian Scholarship Fund
Dr. David Wollowick Scholarship Fund
Women’s League Judaica Shop Scholarship Fund

How do I create a new Endowment Fund in the B’nai Torah Foundation?

Endowment Funds can be created two ways. First, an Endowment Fund can be established with a gift of $50,000. The second way is to promise by will, insurance policy or other bequest to donate at least $50,000 to fund the named Endowment and promise to pay to B’nai Torah five percent (5%) of the promised Endowment amount on or before the first of July of each fiscal year to fund a specific program line or scholarship program of the Synagogue.

Charitable Gift Annuity Program

B’nai Torah Congregation Introduces Charitable Gift Annuity Program. For more information, click here.

Five Easy Ways To Make A Gift

Our Foundation can prepare a sample illustration for you, including the income tax effects of your gift. Contact the Synagogue at (561) 392-8566 to request a no-obligation confidential illustration.

More information on Five Easy Ways to Make a Gift.

Spencer Sax*, Foundation President
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