At this time, all Mirochnick Religious School programs are offered online.


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The vision of the Mirochnick Religious School at B’nai Torah is to create an observant Conservative, Jewish learning community, with an overarching purpose to convey appreciation for the joy and richness of Jewish life. By creating a positive, informal, and fun Jewish learning environment for students, their families, and our teachers, we can successfully make connections between Tefillah, song, mitzvot and midot, so they will carry over into a lifelong pursuit of Jewish learning. We also aim to foster a love for and appreciation of the Hebrew language and recognize one’s place in Jewish history in order to create the future leaders of the Jewish community.

The Mirochnick Religious School Offers:

  • Integrated educational experiences that instill enthusiasm for, and a desire to see Israel and develop a sense of pride in one’s Jewish identity.
  • A safe place where students can explore their identity and beliefs.
  • A place where students feel comfortable and know we are there for them.
  • Carefully designed classes that contribute to the social and emotional character development and positive self-esteem of students.

To help facilitate this, we offer FLEX TIME. FLEX TIME gives YOU the option of WHEN. With K-12 classes offered throughout the week, there are many scheduling options.