No matter your background, make B’nai Torah your home, and your community.

B’nai Torah’s members are committed to being responsive to the varied needs of Jewish families in our area, and we pride ourselves on being a center for Jewish worship, study, celebration, culture, education, acceptance, and community. Hundreds of members attend Shabbat services each and every week and share joyous holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Since our founding in 1974, we have grown to more than 1,400 families. B’nai Torah offers something for everyone:

Religious School
Bar/Bat Mitzvah program
Accredited Early Childhood Center
Youth Groups for Children of All Ages
Women’s League
Men’s Club
Tzedakah, Learning & Chesed Program

Hazak (Senior Adults)
Ruth & Norman Rales JFS
Judaica Shop
Author Forums
Adult Education
Concerts & Choirs
And much, much more

As a full-service synagogue, B’nai Torah is both traditional and forward thinking. Observing Jewish Conservative ritual, our synagogue offers contemporary activities and complete religious equality for all members.


The vision of the Mirochnick Religious School’s Youth Department is to create an observant Conservative Jewish learning community with an overarching purpose to convey appreciation for the joy and richness of Jewish life. By creating a positive informal and fun Jewish learning environment for students and their families, they can successfully make connections between Tefillah, song, mitzvot, and midot incorporating them into their daily lives which we hope will carry over into a lifelong pursuit of Jewish learning.

United Synagogue Youth (USY) – Grades 9-12

B’nai Torah Congregation’s chapter of United Synagogue Youth is a member of the Arvot Sub-Region of USY, which is part of the Hanegev Region of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. BRUSY has varied programming which includes Social, Social Action/ Community Service, Tikun Olam, Religious Education, Sports, and Activities. In addition, we attend conventions, dances and other programs with youth from the Southeast Region.

Kadima – Grades 6-8

B’nai Torah Congregation’s chapter of United Synagogue Youth is a member of the Arvot Sub-Region of Kadima, which is part of the Hanegev Region of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. BRUSY has varied programming which includes social action, community service, Tikun Olam, sports, religious education, Israel programming and more, and of course, there is an emphasis on building friendships and having fun! In addition, we attend conventions, dances and other programs with youth from the Southeast Region.

Bonim – Grades 3-5

The Bonim group meets twice a month on Sundays, immediately following Religious School. These students enjoy a variety of fun activities and numerous community service opportunities.

Chalutzim – Grades K-1

Like Bonim, Chalutzim meets twice a month on a Sunday, immediately following Religious School. Students enjoy a variety of fun activities and community service opportunities.


Hazak is the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s Organization for Mature Jews. In addition to meaning strength, the name HAZAK is an acronym. The het stands for Hokhmah (wisdom), the zayan for Ziknah (maturity) and the kuph for Kadima (looking ahead). So Hazak notes that the senior represents cumulative knowledge, the ability to judge as zakeyn in a mature fashion, and has aspirations to move ahead during the decades remaining.

Seniors are the most rapidly growing segment of the Jewish population. Hazak compliments congregational adult education programs with specially designed social, spiritual, physical, and educational components for them. These opportunities help develop a sense of community through a variety of creative programs. Hazak affirms the traditional Jewish view that mature adults should have the opportunity to continue to learn and be active in their congregations, their communities, and among themselves.

B’nai Torah’s Hazak will meet on Mondays and feature social action initiatives, movement activities, lectures, and workshops, as well as social and spiritual programming. We are looking forward to a new season!

For more information, please contact Michele Scher by email at or by phone at (561) 392-8566.


Meryl & Ron Gallatin Tzedakah, Learning and Chesed Program

For more information about the program, click here to download the brochure or scroll down to read the brochure online

The mission of a synagogue includes many different responsibilities. We are here to build a community that is supportive of each other during times of need. We are here to build a community that fosters Jewish education and culture. Of course, we are here for worship.

Through the synagogue, we perpetuate the meaning of Judaism and richness of our history and we hope the synagogue serves as a vehicle to perpetuate Judaism and the Jewish people into the future.

One of the central dimensions is that of responsibility for others. The notion of tzedakah, as an obligation to help others, is a critical piece of every Jewish community. It has been so since the beginning of the Diaspora. And certainly, in biblical times responsibility for our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our friends and neighbors has always been a core dimension to live a life of holiness.

With that in mind then, we have renewed our efforts to make B’nai Torah a center where charitable works, support networks, food for the hungry and outreach to the elderly has moved from a peripheral dimension of synagogue life to a central dimension. We have engaged a professional, Summer Faerman, who has been working tirelessly since last year. In fact, Summer’s arrival came at the same time as Hurricane Sandy. So she started her work running.

Over the course of the past year, we have begun to develop a framework for projects. These will evolve over the years ahead. Next year we will develop a cadre of volunteer tutors for reading and literacy that we hope will serve the communities around us.

At the end of the day, every Jewish family and every Jewish community understands that it is through teaching our children that peace will come into the world. In addition to the projects that you read about, please understand that we see as part of our central obligation teaching the next generation how to become “tzedakah giants.” – Rabbi David Steinhardt


B’nai Torah is a Proud Partner of Ruth & Norman Rales Jewish Family Services.

Through our partnership, JFS provides a dedicated Community Outreach Professional to bring JFS’ Programs and Services to the B’nai Torah Community.

Food & Financial Assistance

Jacobson Family Food Pantry | Meals on Wheels | Hebrew Free Loan | Subsidized In-Home Care | Jewish Education Loan Fund (College, Graduate School, Vocational)

Senior Services

CareLink Geriatric Case Management | Holocaust Survivor Assistance | Caregiver Resources & Respite Program | Weisman Center | Senior Companion Services (through JFS at Home)

Counseling & Mental Health Services

Psychotherapy | Psychological Testing | Psychiatry | Support Groups

Career & Employment Services

Find Focus, Learn Job Search Strategies, Land that Job!

Family & Children’s Services

Community Outreach | Domestic Abuse Education & Action Program | Special Needs Services | Special Needs Financial Assistance | Summer Camp Scholarships | The Bernard Sherman Program to Enhance Jewish Identity

Belford Family Volunteer Department

JFS is actively seeking Volunteers for their programs: Community Mentoring | Kibbitz & Ride | Friendly Visitors | Parachaplaincy