• Shabbat Greetings: We all have dreams

    Dear Friends, We all have dreams. And we create visions of how we want things to be. I believe that one of the purposes of religion is to create a language of aspiration and hope. And so we have prayers for peace and reconciliation, and even prayers that express a

  • Shabbat Greetings – 5/13/2016

    This Shabbat, we will be reading one of the most significant and central Torah readings of the year. It is Parshat Kedoshim. It begins with a commandment to be holy. The concept of holiness seems to have been co-opted by fundamentalists, and we see one who “acts holy” as if

  • Yom Hazikaron & Yom Haatzmaut Message

    As life slows down in this area – with the departure of snow birds and preparations for graduations, summer plans and travel – we cannot forget that this period, after Pesach and before Shavuot, is particularly important on the Jewish calendar. On these days, there are three observances that were

  • Yom Hashoah & Shabbat Greetings – 5/5/2016

    You are receiving my letter today instead of tomorrow, and the reason is that it is Yom HaShoah. Tonight we will commemorate with a beautiful program and memorial.   This Shabbat, we read a parshah known by its first few words, Acharei Mot, which literally means “after the death.” The parshah

  • Passover/Shabbat Greetings – 4/28/2016

    Sunday night I was driving through downtown Boca and noticed how busy the restaurants were. Living in my rather cloistered world, I wondered if they were filled with non-Jews. My son, Noah, laughed and asked me if I was joking. He said, “You know Abba, most Jews may go to a

  • Shabbat Greetings – 4/8/16

    In a community like ours, we know there are shifts taking place between the generations in the way that Jewish life is seen and observed. This creates some challenges for Jewish continuity, but it also creates opportunities for creativity and newer forms of Jewish expression. Some fear change. Others embrace it. Most

  • Shabbat Greetings – 4/1/2016

    When you are in a place – any place – long enough, there are events that are repeated. And over time, they become like rituals and they become institutionalized. This morning, we hosted the grandparents of our Ruth and Edward Taubman Early Childhood Center. Soon we will celebrate twenty years of that

  • Shabbat Greeting – March 25, 2016

    Dear Friends, I understand my responsibilities as a rabbi in many different ways. There is the teacher, the interpreter, the pastor, the communal representative, the administrator, etc. After nearly thirty three years in the rabbinate, I could write about this for a long time! But one of the most fundamental responsibilities

  • Shabbat Greetings – March 11, 2016

    Dear Friends, One of the things that we often hear in both political and social conversations is that the next generation is the first that will have less than their parents. Our immediate response is “Oy gevalt, what is happening to the world?” But I’d like us to think about

  • Shabbat Greetings – 3/4/2016

    A wise guy is a “know it all.” A wise guy pretends to have answers when they don’t. A wise guy is arrogant and deprecates others. A wise person is just the opposite.

  • Shabbat Greetings – 2/22/2016

    The airways and internet have been filled with the conversations of politics and political candidates for some time now. There are days when one might think there is nothing else happening in the world except for the election.

  • Shabbat Greetings-January 15, 2016

    I know the father of a young man from Boca who “made it big.” His name is Blair Walsh and he is the kicker for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

  • Shabbat Greetings – January 22, 2016

    Dear Friends, I was thinking about a dimension of my life growing up in Connecticut. It is missing today. I grew up as a first generation American. My mother and her family were refugees from Germany. They came here and had to struggle to survive in this country. Being closely

  • Shabbat Greetings – January 8, 2016

    Dear Friends, My youngest son, Noah, went back to Boston after a wonderful few days visiting. Early Monday morning we went deep sea fishing on a charter from Ft. Lauderdale. It was windy, a bit rainy, and quite cool for South Florida. But something inside us was optimistic that we would catch some

  • Shabbat Greetings – January 29, 2016

    Dear Friends, If you needed a job and came across an advertisement – Wanted: Men and Women to Serve as Priests and Priestesses – would you be interested in being a priest? My guess is that not too many would have a desire to do so. Today, certainly, the crisis in

  • Shabbat Greetings – 12/25/15

    I’ll be brief…you’re probably at the movies! Tobi suggested to me that one of the nice things about Christmas day is that there is no work, there’s a sense of quiet around, it is a public holiday and we have no obligations. How rare that is! Yet I’m here in

  • Shabbat Greetings – 12/18/15

    I’m teaching more classes this time around than ever before. I’m doing so not because I need to fill my schedule, but because I truly enjoy the “give and take” of Torah learning. There is a wonderful dimension in our tradition whereby we study certain texts over and again, and

  • Shabbat Greetings – 12/11/15

    All recent reports indicate that Americans are more fearful now than at any time since the days after 9/11. That is disconcerting. Recently, a friend told me he drove to a theater in Miami to see a film. He said he had trouble focusing on the film because he was

  • Shabbat Greetings – 12/4/15

    Dear Friends, This week I heard two radically different speakers dealing with issues of Jewish life and religion. On Wednesday night, I was privileged to hear former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. He spoke about the challenges Israel faces. Ehud Barak is a man of great strength and confidence and a

  • Shabbat Greetings – 11/20/15

    I am very sad. I am sad for people I knew and loved. I am sad for people across an ocean who died at the hands of terror. My heart is broken for those who are directly affected by the deaths or murders of their loved ones. As your rabbi,