The Inspiration

We are living through a very challenging time, personally and as an extended community. Many of us have suffered in isolation and have been challenged by the anxieties caused by the pandemic. Some have gone through a period of sickness and have been blessed to survive. Many have experienced profound pain as mourners who have lost friends and family members. We join together in remembering those who have left us, and in supporting each other. We are taking this journey together. Although we have been physically apart, we have remained connected. We have continued to engage in learning, worship, commemoration, and celebration. And we look forward with hope and enthusiasm to being physically together as a community at B’nai Torah once again. Although we will be changed, we will collectively emerge back into the world and celebrate life anew.

The Vision

The Torah is the life force that binds us and holds us together as a Jewish people. And we are B’nai Torah – the children of the Torah. The L’Chaim Torah Project will provide a way to ritualize our emergence from the pandemic, express gratitude, and celebrate our reunion as we come back together in a physical space.
Am Yisrael Chai – We Are Alive.

The Mission

Everyone within the B’nai Torah community will have an opportunity to participate in the writing of this holy text. And when the Sefer Torah is complete, we will come together in celebration, and most importantly, to express deep gratitude for everything that the Torah itself symbolizes – life, love, faith, and hope.

Giving Opportunities

Visionary of Torah / The Five Books of Moses ($50,000 each)

The writing of a Torah is a mitzvah of the highest worth, as we are writing a legacy for generations to come.


Guardian of Torah / Biblical Stories ($36,000)

We protect that which we value most. The Torah is at the core of our existence as a Jewish people, and so we are called to be guardians of it.


Pillar of Torah / Monumental Passages ($25,000)

Torah is the pillar of divine revelation and God’s guidance. The foundation for Jewish life and learning is found within it.


Leader of Torah / Prayers and Blessings ($18,000)

To be a leader in Torah is not just to learn, but to teach. And not just to know, but to act.

Additional giving opportunities are available.

Genesis | Bereshit | בראשית
Children’s Education

Together we have the obligation to sustain and perpetuate Jewish life through learning. Each generation’s children, connected to Torah, become builders of peace for the future.

Exodus | Shmot | שמות
Justice and Acts of Kindness

Torah should lead to good deeds, kindness and faith. These are central tenets in Judaism, rooted in our Torah.

Leviticus | Vayikra | ויקרא
Prayer and Spirituality

Prayer is the “service of the heart.” To pray is to express our gratitude, to root ourselves in thousands of years of tradition, to bring us closer to the Divine and to express what is in our hearts.

Numbers | BaMidbar | במדבר
Jewish Peoplehood

Every one of us is counted. The Torah is a tree of life to those who grasp onto it. It is the root of knowledge and the soul of the Jewish people.

Deuteronomy | Devarim | דברים
The Jewish Future

Our Torah, our legacy, includes our history, culture, and values which we pass on to future generations.  And it expresses our aspirations for the future.

L’Chaim Torah Project at B’nai Torah Congregation
Executive Committee:

David Steinhardt, Senior Rabbi
David Englander, Rabbi
Helene Ballen, Executive Director
Ed Sopher, President
Melanie Jacobson, Project Chair
Susan Levine, Project Consultant
Jenna Genger, Project Manager


For more information, please contact us:
Phone: (561) 392- 8566