•The mission of the Mark S. Bertuch “Make-A-Difference” Program is to develop programs of importance to our families with teens, grades 7 – 12.

•An outreach program to make a difference in the lives of our pre-teens, teens, and families by addressing critical issues in a Jewish/spiritual environment.

•Issues may include addiction, dating, bullying, sexuality, divorce, self-esteem, peer pressures, internet dangers, family communication.
All teen homes, relatives or friends, are affected by one or all of these issues no matter how secure the home is.

•Programs designed to develop awareness and educate youth and their parents in an informal atmosphere conducive for self-awareness.

• The goal is for B’nai Torah Congregation to be a place where our member families can find answers regarding youth issues. Our programs will not only educate our youth and their families, it will help prevent them from being vulnerable to problems that impact society today.

•Parent Workshops will provide informative programs of interest for all adults with teens at home.